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Are you feeling unsure about your current IT services OR are you ready for a proven partner in managed IT services and next generation cybersecurity protection?

Explore your options with Krueger Communications, Inc. Southeast WI businesses have trusted Krueger as their technology partner for over 60 years. We know that you are seeking more than just IT support- a partner. We are more than just tickets and invoices like many other IT vendors. We invest in our clients every day to ensure we provide them with top tier team members, tools, and processes to drive innovation forward. We have a unique approach to services within the technology space, including:

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What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring An Honest, Competent, Responsive And Fairly Priced I.T. Services Firm

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Our unique stack of tools, processes and systems has been carefully crafted to form K Shield Cybersecurity program.  We have done the investigation on the thousands of IT tools and applications to assemble a program which follows NIST Cyber Security standards for your protection.  We have layers in our K Shield Cybersecurity program which you would not have even known you needed. We take the guess-work out of keeping your business protected!

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Managed IT

The day and time of reactive IT tickets and support time alone has gone away forever.  The Next Generation of integrated tools for monitoring, diverse alerting mechanisms, integrated processes across tools and a team built on process is what it takes to drive IT forward within your business strategy.  Business Continuity, Disaster recovery, Risk Assessments, Cloud computing are only components of what it takes to have a full plan.  We know what it takes and can help assemble an approach you can believe in. Rest easy knowing you have our team at the ready!

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Co-Managed IT

Managing IT is complex, ongoing and growing daily in complexity.  The time for a single resource to manage an entire business has become more challenging. This is why Krueger has developed a unique approach to Co-managed IT services. We call it CoMITs SM and it is built with a powerful stack of tools to empower your internal resources and IT department to do what they do best.  We can layer in our skills and tools to enhance any internal IT department to become the Next Generation Cybersecurity provider you need more than ever.  We aim to empower our CoMITs clients with a collaborative approach that delivers your business the Magical Easy Button SM for IT.

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VoIP Services

VoIP was once only a term for how a device was delivered to a user.  Today, it stands for a multitude of options in telecom and business telephone systems.  It is getting harder to know what is right for your business so asking an expert is vital to ensuring the right investment today and ensuring Low Cost of Ownership tomorrow.  From Cloud VoIP options to dynamic fault tolerant on-premises Virtual Software solutions which can reside in your DataCenter- or ours- we have you covered.  We have been doing Telecom longer than anyone in Wisconsin, and Illinois which ensures our clients receive the highest value every time. Lower your COSTS TODAY!

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Network Security Systems

Networking is more than just a back room with crazy wires and blinking lights. This is the single most integral part of your business as all the data flows through these devices and systems.  Ensuring you have a network built with Cybersecurity and NIST standards in mind is critical to allow your business to operate efficiently for years to come.  We make sense of the network closet by giving you a clear picture of what you need and how it will benefit your Cybersecurity posture. The Wrong choice will cause you CHAOS.

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Camera And Video Surveillance

We take a different approach to your business’s Cameras. It is more than Cameras on a wall to watch your property. It is an IT instrument which the BAD GUYS have access to when you may not think about it.  So, these need to be protected and aligned with your overall IT Cybersecurity strategy and Business Continuity plan. This is where our team will help assess your overall camera surveillance needs and design an approach which is cloud-based, hybrid-cloud or full on-premise to meet your business needs.

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5 Big Reasons to Choose Krueger Communications to Support Your Computer Network


We are the Most Established and Longest Running Tech Firm in Wisconsin (Since 1959). Through Constant innovation, process improvement, research and development along with best in class products and team members, we have grown to lead in categories others have fallen behind on. We have product stocked, our own inhouse technical team and ability to respond when the time may call.


Having a plan of attack is key to all aspects of a business. This includes IT and having a Technology Partner you can count on. It is critical to your building blocks into the future. With our Managed IT, Co-managed IT (CoMITs) and overall technology consulting services we can build the right systems to meet your needs today and Plan for your IT needs in the future. We maintain a Low-cost approach while still providing a service you can be proud of as your business continues to grow.


Having an IT partner who is clear on your business needs and the timing of those needs ensures you can keep moving your business forward. Even if this would mean you have an IT department today or an outsourced consultant, you still need a plan for things to move forward. This is where a true IT Technology partner comes into play so processes can kick in and response can happen when you need it most. Multiple needs can come up and this can hamper internal resources or perhaps a current provider. Not with Krueger. We have built our team and processes to ensure we have a game-plan so we can move into action when you need us most.


Businesses change. We change with them. Krueger Communications, Inc. is your Business Change Advisor Through Technology (BCATT)SM. As your company changes scale, we have a team of experts ready to meet your needs. With our flexible Managed Service programs, we can find solutions that fit your budget and operational goals. We work together to create a lasting partnership with technology that drives your business to its ultimate goal.


It is easy to say, but far harder to demonstrate what being an expert means. At KCI, we hire engineers with years of experience to ensure you get resolutions, not reactions. Our experts have experience in enterprise networking, cybersecurity, VoIP telephone systems, IT support and so much more. Our account team has gained industry knowledge within the Southeastern Wisconsin landscape that is supremely valuable. We work with you to make sure that business goals and technology align to create an efficient working environment.

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Dependable, Knowledgeable, Partner

We have worked with Krueger Communications Inc. extensively in recent years, and I find the largest benefit provided to us has been having a technology partner we can count on around the clock.  This is especially important to us as we do not staff an internal IT contact within our organization and truly rely on Krueger Communications support.  Since parting ways with our prior IT company and partnering with Krueger Communications Inc., we have found that their teams’ knowledge of what it takes to successfully implement various form of technology into a business setting is unsurpassed.  This pertains to both the account management aspect, as well as the engineering side, we couldn’t be happier.  We highly recommend partnering with Krueger Communications Inc., their skillset and well-rounded knowledge of technology is fantastic!  Krueger Communications truly becomes your business partner, not just another company you hire to manage your technology.

Corporate Manager Construction Firm
Burlington, WI

Cost Consistent Solution

We have partnered with Krueger Communications, Inc for several years now.  One of the greatest benefits of using KCI is not having to worry about the cost of each individual request since on-site and remote technician work is included in our monthly maintenance fee.  This allows our organization to budget a consistent amount for the true support we need.  At a moment’s notice they are willing to jump in and serve as our “external IT department” and act truly as a partner and extension of our staff.  If you are not tech-savvy, they take the time to help you understand things that need to be done and explain it in a way that makes sense without talking down to you.  I would highly recommend using Krueger Communications, Inc for all your technology needs!

Operations Manager Capital Investment Firm
Milwaukee, WI

Proactive and Educational

We have trusted Krueger Communications, Inc with our IT support for almost a decade.  The vast array of knowledge of their services allows us to tap into resources we may not have access to with a single full-time IT employee.  The access to their team of engineers allows us to truly take advantage of new developments in the technology industry.  Krueger is always proactive when it comes to educating our team on best practices when it comes to IT infrastructure, security, and reliability.  They also take the time to map out IT initiatives based on hardware end of life, which allows us to budget for IT 1-2 years in advance, so we have an idea on upcoming capital expenditures.  I would highly encourage anyone looking for a true partner in technology to look at KCI.  Their responsiveness to IT challenges has helped our team gain resolution to problems quickly, and at a budgeted fixed cost!

Vice President Commercial Printer
Sussex, WI

About Krueger Communications

Since 1959 we have been on a mission to change what technology means for every business in Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. We are Business Change Advisors Through Technology SM. We execute this mission through our strategic vision to Simplify Complex Technology SM. Our goal is to give our partners the Technology Easy Button SM! Krueger Communications, Inc. has a unique approach to IT Services that allows us to create flexible plans, support your business, and consult with absolute confidence in our many experienced technology experts. Ask us for an IT Managed Services Easy Button today!

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The Top 10 Ways


What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring An Honest, Competent, Responsive And Fairly Priced I.T. Services Firm